White Paper


Includes computer printouts, white printer paper or writing paper, pastel coloured paper. 

We also provide a free shredding service.



Long life milk and fruit juice cartons (must be drained) – also known as Tetrapak.

Mixed Paper


Newspapers, telephone books, magazines, books, deep toned paper, catalogues, grey board, wrapping paper, envelopes (with & without windows), cores from paper towels and toilet rolls, and packaging such as cereal boxes.  (Please no used tissues and paper towels for hygiene reasons).



Includes all cardboard boxes or cartons, printed or unprinted, egg boxes, toilet roll inners etc.



Glass bottles, wine bottles, jam jars, sauce and spice bottles and plain drinking glasses.



Beverage cans, such as cool drink and beer cans. These can be crushed if preferred or left as they are for collection.  Food cans can also be collected but they need to be clean. Labels do not need to be removed.



Plastic containers such as cool drink and water bottles, cleaning product bottles and milk bottles.  Soft clear plastic bags and packaging. Cling wrap, pallet wrap and bubble wrap.

What We Do Not Collect

Wet strength paper Plasticized paper, laminated paper Photographs and overheads Waxed and grease proof paper Wax coated boxes or cartons such as banana boxes Photocopy ream wrap Lever arch files Potato pockets/bags & dog food bags lined with plastic or wax coated (except as bags for your recycling) Carbon paper Self adhesive paper e.g. Post-it notes Adhesive Tape Used tissues and serviettes for hygienic reasons

Black polystyrene trays White polystyrene trays, containers, cups Plastic trays made from PET (marked with '1' in the triangle) Brown Plastic Bottles (Stoney Ginger Beer) Plastic contaminated with oil, paint or glue, or plastic bonded with paper such as laminated paper Plastic items containing metal parts (like screws) which cannot easily be removed Chip packets, tea bag wrap and many biscuit wrappers Chunky polystyrene (such as used to package electronic items) Plastic items such as garden chairs and buckets. Some trays used to package fruit and vegetables

Cups and saucers oven ware ceramic ware mirror glass fluorescent tubes light bulbs windscreens car lights window panes laboratory glass wire reinforced glass

baled colour paper recycling
tetrapak 2 recycling
cardboard 1 recycling
baled white paper recycling
tetrapak 1 recycling
cardboard 2 recycling
paper 1 recycling
plastic 2 recycling
paper 2 recycling
glass 1 recycling
glass 2 recycling
baled plastic recycling
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