Packa-Ching Launch in Richmond Hill

BY Shanré Houston

The 2nd launch of the Packa-Ching Mobile recycling unit took place in Richmond Hill on the 18th of May 2022 and was a huge success. The day started hot, work was quickly put into action and the event was set up in no time. Members of the community brought in their recyclables and after a slow start more quickly joined as they were eager to learn about the initiative.
The first speaker at the launch was Emmy Nxayeka, a member of the Project Nelson Mandela Bay – Clean City Task Team, and following after, were Megan Swart Operations Manager and Elizabeth Betha members of Polyco and the Packa-Ching Mobile Recycling Unit. Joined shortly after was Ed Richardson, the director of the Richmond Hill Special Rates Area. 
Another eager member was Sizwe Mvunelwa, executive director for public health of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, who said, “We applaud the residents of Richmond Hill for taking the initiative of educating the youth on recycling and by doing so also assist the municipality in obtaining its goal of reducing the amount of waste being landfilled.”
Our first recycler for the day was Judy Clarke, a newbie to the initiative and a first-time recycler with the Packa-Ching Mobile Recycling Unit, Judy brought in 2 full bags of recyclables and heard about the launch through the Richmond Hill forum and plans to recycle with Packa-Ching in the future. 
Many other newbies joined the Packa-Ching program and were excited to register and get started, a lot of the community members depend on the program as a form of income, and they plan to recycle often, with some members recycling every day and look forward to seeing the mobile unit in Richmond Hill every Wednesday. The Packa-Ching Mobile Unit now visits Richmond Hill, one of their many places in Nelson Mandela Bay, every Wednesday between 12h00 and 15h30.
Our heartfelt thank you goes out to Malcolm Stewart and Ezethu Development Trust for their generosity in sponsoring our new Packa-Ching truck.  This truck allows us to expand our collection areas benefitting many more members of the community and aid them financially all while reducing waste to landfill.
Lastly but most importantly was the cutting of the ribbon for the new Packa-Ching trailer performed by Mariska Spoormaker, a proud moment for members of the Project Nelson Mandela Bay – Clean City Task Team and staff of Packa-Ching who have worked hard to achieve this and now officially for the first time ever Packa-Ching in Richmond Hill.  
If you would like to recycle, donate or join the Packa-Ching program please visit us in Richmond Hill on the corner of Stanley and Mackay Street every Wednesday or contact us at 041 486 2110 or visit our website or

 May 31, 2022
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Shanré Houston

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