Top Recycling NMB Schools Set The Green Standard

BY Vicky Porter

25 October 2015 – The Waste Trade Company awarded the top three recycling schools, Kabega Primary, Morewag Primary and Walmer Primary.  The winners all participate in The Schools Recycling Project, which is dedicated to educating children about the importance of recycling and environmental responsibility.  Schools Project Coordinator, Emmy Nxayeka, is very proud of the winning schools, “running a recycling project at school requires dedication, patience and most importantly, passion,” she exclaimed.

The Schools Recycling Project was established by The Waste Trade Company in 2009 as part of the companies’ social responsibility campaign and has since grown to service over 280 clients in NMB and Sundays River Valley.  The project is based on the slogan “tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may not remember, involve me and I’ll understand”. 

TWTC offers schools the opportunity to establish recycling projects, they benefit by sending less waste to landfill and by receiving financial rebates for their recyclable products.  Furthermore, various educational activities are offered at no extra cost to participating schools.  In order for schools to qualify for the quarterly competition, they have to have a collection at least once a month and must verify the number of learners that attend the school. “We realized that all schools are not alike, and that small schools may work just as hard as larger schools, therefore we award schools according to their weight per learner.  This also encourages school-wide involvement,” said Kay Hardy, General Manager and Co-Owner of The Waste Trade Company.

First place winner, Kabega Primary won R3000.00 for collecting and average of 17.31 kg per learner.  Morewag received R2000.00 for second place by collecting an average of 4.42 kg per learner.  Third place winner, Walmer Primary won R1000.00, with an average of 0.83 kg per learner.  In total, The Schools Recycling Project diverted 127 847 kg of waste from landfill for the third term of 2018!  - Vicky Porter, Marketing Manager, The Waste Trade Company

Kabega Primary:

Back Row:  Danita Louw (Gr6); Mitchelle Chininga (Gr 6); Kay Hardy (General Manager and Co-Owner, The Waste Trade Company), Dr Adele Botha (Enviro Club Coordinator), Tamicka Luck (Gr 6)
Middle:  Nondalo (TWTC Mascot), Emmy Nxayeka (Schools Project Coordinator, The Waste Trade Company)
Front:  Adam Pretorius (Gr 6); Bongi Mapela (Gr 6); Jayden Taylor (Gr 6)

Morewag Primary:

Ariska Evert (Gr 4); Katlyn Van Rooyen (Gr 7); Ashlene Fortuin (Gr 7); Kay Hardy (General Manager and Co-Owner, The Waste Trade Company); Angelina van Niekerk (Gr 7); Mutulu Maliza (Gr 7); Nondalo (TWTC Mascot); Emmy Nxayeka (Schools Project Coordinator, The Waste Trade Company)

Walmer Primary:

Back Row:  Yonelani Stephens (Gr 7); Anesipho Somdaka (Gr 7); Noluthando Swartbooi (Gr 7); Mr Luphumlo Madolwana (School Administrator); Miss Funani (Deputy Principal); Kay Hardy (General Manager and Co-Owner, The Waste Trade Company); Aphelihle Winti (Gr 7); Mr Sibulele Tiyani (Administrative Assistant); Lelethu Maqoko (Gr 7); Zikhona Xali (Gr 7)
Front:  Nondalo (TWTC Mascot), Emmy Nxayeka (Schools Project Coordinator, The Waste Trade Company)

 October 25, 2018
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The Schools Recycling Project
Vicky Porter

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