Project NMB Clean City Task Team Sets Up Shop

BY Vicky Porter

24 February 2019 – Project Nelson Mandela Bay’s Clean City Task Team set up a stall at Port Elizabeth’s popular Re-Seconds Market, where stallholders are provided with a platform to sell second hand and home made goods.  The Project NMB Recycling Swop Shop stall displayed 5 recycling bins where market-goers could recycle in exchange for a lucky draw.

The stall was very well accepted and people were pleasantly surprised to receive a reward for simply doing the right thing and disposing of their waste responsibly.  Once the word had spread people started gathering waste from the market grounds in exchange for a chance to win a lucky draw prize. 

“We wanted to raise awareness about recycling, and also introduce people to the recycling buyback concept,” said Kay Hardy, Clean City Task Team Leader, “a recycling buyback centre is a very effective and simple way to educate and encourage people to recycle”. 
A swop shop is a place where one can discard of unwanted items in exchange for desired articles.  Recycling buyback centers are based on the same principle, but instead of bartering with goods, waste becomes currency. 

“We would like to thank our sponsors, SPAR EC, PETCO, The Herald, The Waste Trade Company, Greencycle and NMBM for sponsoring our stall with goodies for the lucky draws, collaboration is a key factor in the success of projects such as these,” said Laura Henderson, Clean City Task Team member.

Approximately 100 people visited the recycling swop shop stall and the recycling bins were all filled.  People were even spotted arriving at the market with bags of recycling. 
“This was the first time that we hosted a Recycling Swop Shop Stall.  Everyone that visited the stall interacted with us and showed genuine interest in recycling.  We would like to challenge everyone to host their own recycling swop shops – it’s the perfect way to de-clutter and do something good for the environment!” said Vicky Porter, Clean City Task Team Member.

Re-seconds Market coordinator, Alida Malan, was one of the first to recycle at the Project NMB Clean City Recycle Pop Up Shop, “It was lovely having the stall at the market, it added a new dimension to the event and it was wonderful to see the initiative that some people took to look for items to put in the recycling bins – it certainly created a lot of awareness.”

Michelle Brown, Acting CEO of Project NMB, said:  “ Project Nelson Mandela Bay, being a good citizenship initiative, made up of Volunteers… is absolutely thrilled at the effort and time that our Clean City Task Team has contributed to our slogan of simply being good citizens… for this city that we all love!  Collaboration and Teamwork is key, and these incredible women certainly epitomise those elements, and we thank them and the visitors to the Swop Shop, who gave in their recyclable items!” – Vicky Porter, Marketing Manager, The Waste Trade Company

 February 28, 2019
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Vicky Porter

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