TWTC footprint July 2016 - Take Action.  Inspire Change.  Mandela Day 2016.

BY Vicky du Toit

Once a year, in acknowledgment of the life of the late president, Nelson Mandela, South Africans are encouraged to donate 67 minutes of their time toward social and charitable projects.  The first Mandela Day was celebrated on the 18th of July 2010.  The day was inspired by Madiba at his 90th birthday celebration when he said: "It is time for new hands to lift the burdens.  It is in your hands now." This year, The Waste Trade Company joined forces with Woolworths Baywest and Masake Community Development to clean up the streets of Holland Park, Korsten. 


Helen Africa, from Masake, invited learners from Morewag Primary School to attend the cleanup, "most of the children from this area know me personally as they take part in our educational activities and attend our soup kitchens, we were very happy to have 50 learners volunteer their services for the day." The children were split into teams, each with an adult to supervise, and each team was then tasked with a certain street to clean.  Bags and gloves, sponsored by The Waste Trade Company and  Plastics SA, were handed to each team. 


After the cleanup, Emmy Nxayeka, Schools Project Coordinator (TWTC) gave the learners an educational talk about the importance of preserving the planet's natural resources, "we really do live the Mandela Day slogan - take action, inspire change and make every day a Mandela Day!". Woolworths Baywest donated soup and bread for lunch as well as goody bags, which their staff handed out personally.  "As we are commited to caring for the environment, our people and communities, we recognised that this was the perfect way to celebrate Mandela Day," says Maryna Verwey, Operations Manager, Woolworths Baywest. 

 August 01, 2016
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