Top Recycling Schools for Term 4 2015

BY Vicky du Toit

174 000kg – The total weight of the waste that has been redirected from landfill by TWTC’s Schools Recycling Project in the last term of 2015.  “The schools have worked very hard, and have been taking the recycling project very seriously.  This is apparent in the number of assembly talks already booked for this year, our first term is almost fully booked with activities!"- Emmy Nxayeka, Schools Project Coordinator, The Waste Trade Company. 
Kabega Primary once again takes the lead with a total weight of 10954kg!  Dr Adele Botha, who is the driving force behind Kabega's Groenspoor prefects, has set a stellar example of how to run a recycling programme at school.  "Recycling has become an extracurricular activity at school, and we have a waiting list of prefects that want to be a part of this programme" - says Dr Botha.  The new Groenspoor prefects were very happy to receive a R3000.00 cash prize, donated by Mpact Recycling.
In second place with a total weight of 4989kg is Albertyn Primary.  The school has taken much initiative with their recycling programme and have also opened up their recycling station to the public.  The learners all help with sorting during break times and sometimes even after school.   Mrs Huiskens will soon be planning a few green activities for the year using their R2000.00 cash prize.
Not far behind, with a total weight of 4847kg is BJ Mnyanda Primary.  The enviroclub was pleased to receive a cash prize of R1000.00 and will be meeting with Emmy to discuss recycling activities to further motivate the learners.  "We recycle to keep our school clean," says Prince Tamsanqa, a 13 year old learner from BJ Mnyanda.
Schools are encouraged to form enviroclubs, who are the driving forces behind the success of a recycling programme.  Companies are also welcomed to donate their recycling to a school of their choice.  Furthermore, the public can drop off their sorted recycling at Total Garage in Admiralty Way, or Walmer Methodist Church in 7th Avenue, Walmer.

 December 30, 2015
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The Schools Recycling Project
Vicky du Toit

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