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BY Vicky du Toit

One’s heart really melts when seeing a child buy food instead of toys or sweets.  Not only are they fulfilling their basic needs, but these children are purchasing with credits redeemed from plastic bottles.

“How does it work?” you may ask.  Run by Penny Anderson from Kini Bay started the project by setting up a container filled with donated goodies, situated right across the road from Clarendon Marine.  She then taught the children to collect plastic bottles, and for every 12 bottles, they would receive one credit.  These credits they can then use to purchase whatever they need inside the container “shop”.

What a humbling experience it is, to see these children running down the road excitedly with their bags full of plastic bottles.  They que up infront of the container and cannot wait to see what’s inside.

One little boy had approximately 12 credits and could redeem these for a new pair of school shoes.  Another little lady purchased some tinned food, pasta and soya for home.  A really blessed site to see was a little boy who had bought a packet of biscuits and was sharing them with his friend outside who hadn’t enough credits.

The project is now part of The Schools Recycling Project and are being paid for their plastic bottles.  We hope to find a storage solution whereby they can start recycling cardboard as well.
Hat’s off to all involved with this project – the children are not only being taught important moral values, but they are also cleaning up the environment.

 August 26, 2013
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The Schools Recycling Project
Vicky du Toit

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