Lamani Primary goes Green!

BY Vicky du Toit

It was only 3 weeks ago that bins were delivered to Lamani Primary, and already these have been filled.  The enthusiasm displayed by these children is nothing less than contagious. 
All were excited to learn about the importance of recycling, lead by Aggriper Mbinda, and Vicky du Toit from The Waste Trade Company.  Pupils eagerly participated in answering questions and joining in a waste separation demonstration.  “Whatever I can see on the street that can be recycled, I pick up and bring to school” Simphiwe Mambulu, a pupil from the school
Mrs Booysen, a participating teacher, mentioned that the recycling project gives normally introverted children a chance to partake in school activities.  The Principal, Mr Dolonga, said that it instils a sense of responsibility in the pupils and encourages them to remember that a healthy body means a healthy mind, and that you can’t be healthy if your environment is not clean.
Cebisa Kata from Federal Mogul, who nominated the school, reports that the school is always clean and the teachers and pupils work hard to take care of the little resources that they have.  Furthermore she says: “The pupils have always been very well mannered and friendly.”
“We believe that cleanliness is next to godliness and that the children must learn that not everything they throw away is waste.  We are pleased to be a part of this project and we encourage other schools to do the same.” Mr Dolonga, school Principal.

 April 23, 2013
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The Schools Recycling Project
Vicky du Toit

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