Stop Drop Recycle at Total Garage

BY Vicky du Toit

“Green is the way to go” is the word at the Total Summerstrand recycling station.  The newly renovated recycle-stop is once again accessible to the public.  The convenient location of the brightly coloured and marked bins make it easy for all to contribute to a greener city.  In partnership with The Waste Trade Company, this station will not only provide a service to the Summerstrand community, but will also be raising funds for a good cause.
Funds generated by the recycling station will be ploughed back into community projects in Summerstrand.  “We currently run a soup kitchen for the destitute community who find shelter in the local dunes.  Ideally we would like to set up a buyback scheme where they can pay for their food with recyclables – that way our dunes and fields can be kept clean at the same time.”  Christo Coetzee has also received the thumbs up from the local municipality for the recycling venture.
Marais Ellis, owner of two nearby guesthouses, namely Summerhouse and Spinaker, is very pleased that the recycling station is once again active.  “Having the station available reduces our waste to landfill by sixty percent!  Recycling has become an indispensible part of our lives, we were very disappointed when the bins were put away for a short while, but now the station is back and cleaner than ever before!”
Paper, plastic, glass, tins, carton and cardboard can be dropped off at Total Summerstrand.  The Waste Trade Company has also supplied extra bins behind the scenes for any possible overflow and has appointed a permanent staff member to keep the station clean and to assist in educating the public about the separation of waste.
Kathy Trader, a Summerstrand resident, is very pleased that the recycling station is once again up and running, “We have been recycling for more than four years, sending recyclables to landfill is not even considered in our household.”
Is recycling the way forward for the residents of Summerstrand?  With a lot of positive feedback and a total of 2.1 tons collected in less than 7 days...the proof is in the pudding.

 January 30, 2014
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Vicky du Toit

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