Sundays River Valley are Going Green

BY Vicky du Toit

06 April 2018 - Team TWTC hit the streets of Kirkwood to remind and encourage all to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

The TWTC Sundays River Valley depot recently moved to Kirkwood, situated on the road to the entrance of Moses Mabida. This made it possible to service the town of Kirkwood more regularly, whilst still traveling to Addo at least once a week.

The depot provides the Sundays River Valley community with access to recycling facilities. Which is very important not only for the environment, but for local economic growth and job creation.

We would like to challenge the Sundays River Valley Community to support the local depot by implementing recycling programmes at home, at work and at school. Churches, old age homes and other organizations are most welcome to recycle too.

Public drop off stations are being considered, and will soon be implemented for the convenience of the public. The ideal places for public drop off points are shopping centres, schools and churches.
We look forward to helping you keep Sundays River Valley Green!!!

 April 06, 2018
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Vicky du Toit

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