Recycling Is A Team Effort!

BY Vicky du Toit

The recycling station at Total Garage, Admiralty Way in Port Elizabeth has assisted in diverting 328 484.35kg of recyclables from landfill since partnering with The Waste Trade Company in 2014 – a monthly average of 6.8 tons.  The funds generated from the recycling assisted in supporting a feeding scheme for the destitute community who find shelter in the local dunes. 

The Waste Trade Company sponsored an employee who manned the recycling station on a daily basis “the employee’s role was that of educating the public about what can be recycled, and how to separate into the various categories,” says Kay Hardy, General Manager TWTC, “furthermore, they would ensure that the recycling area be kept neat and tidy”.  The Waste Trade Company collected the recycling from Total Garage on a daily basis, so as to keep up with the volumes.

Christo Coetzee, owner of Total Garage Admiralty Way, is sad to have the facility closed down, but has donated the bins to TWTC in their quest to set up another recycling station, “my journey with TWTC has been great, and I will continue to support them in their future ventures”. 

The Waste Trade Company manages other recycling facilities, namely Walmer Methodist Church, Kragga Kamma Waste Transfer Station and Kabega Primary School, “the managing of a public recycling station requires resources, education, control and ongoing motivation,” says Vicky du Toit, Marketing Manager TWTC, “TWTC provide staff, collections and even financial rebates for the recycling, but we cannot always control what the public do, and we do find that they do not always respect the facility – even so, we often find that the root of the problem isn’t necessarily dumping, but rather a lack of education and understanding.”

The Waste Trade Company would like to challenge the Summerstand and Humewood community to identify another area where the recycling facility can be established, “we are willing to consult and do whatever we can to ensure that the recycling station is well maintained,” Kay Hardy added, “ideally, the station would be visible, easily accessed and supervised.” 

“Recycling not only assists in reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills, but also reduces the amount of raw material needed in the production of new packaging.  Furthermore it provides an avenue to educate the general public about the importance of being environmentally responsible,” says Emmy Nxayeka, Schools Project Manager TWTC, “we urge schools, churches and other community organizations to assist us in spreading the green gospel!”

 May 30, 2018
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Vicky du Toit

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