SPAR Kirkwood Wildsfees Preaches The Green Gospel

BY Vicky Porter

2019 Marks the fifth year that The Waste Trade Company sponsored the SPAR Kirkwood Wildsfees with event waste management services, in partnership with Tetrapak SA and SPAR Eastern Cape.  Separation bins, referred to as recycling stations, were provided across the festival grounds.  In addition to these bins, facilities were provided for grey water, used oil and food waste.

TWTC staff could be seen separating unsorted waste in the waste yard,  to prevent any recyclable material from going to the local Sunland Landfill.  “We filled five 30 cubic metre bins in total, and even though we were sorting throughout the festival, we still required staff to sort for five days afterwards,” says Rejuan van Rooyen, Depot Operations Manager for The Waste Trade Company.  “It is important for stallholders and the general public to be environmentally responsible and meet us halfway.  We process an average of 250grams of recyclable material per person – this easily equates to 2.5 tons per day,” he continued.

 In total, the Wildsfees diverted 9828kg of waste from going to landfill this year, this rate can be increased if the public separates at source.  “We definitely have seen a more conscious consumer at the festival, this has been a result of 5 years’ of education as this year was the first that recycling bins were not permanently supervised,” shares Kay Hardy, Co-Owner and Director of The Waste Trade Company, “we do hope that this trend continues and that other events follow this example.

Event recycling is not as easy as placing labelled bins on the premises.  Recycling needs to be marketed and all event stakeholders need to be held responsible for their waste contribution and management.  “We encourage all to take a look behind the scenes in the waste management industry, the supply chain is logistics heavy and a lot of manual labour is required, this is why we need the public to help us – when you separate your waste you help your local recycling collector to continue providing recycling services and facilities,” Kay Hardy concluded.

 July 16, 2019
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Vicky Porter

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