TWTC Footprint June 2015 - Green is the Way to Go

BY Vicky du Toit

"The recycling in my house was imposed by my kids," - Antonio Banderas.  This rings true for many families, which is one of the many reasons that TWTC started The Schools Recycling Project.  In order for a recycling programme to work at school, one needs a green champion.  Furthermore, resources, education and motivation are key factors in driving the success of a recycling project.  On commencement of the third term, we will announce our top three recycling schools!

Recycling buyback centres are another avenue worth exploring to motivate recycling.  The Rainbow Nation Recycling Club has been running for more than two years and recycling an average of 400kg of PET (plastic bottles) per month.  The project is situated in Clarendon Marine and serves the children from the local community.  The buyback centre model is based on the concept of waste becoming currency where children purchase much needed consumables and pay with plastic bottles.  PETCO has recently sponsored a container to this project which will streamline collections and assist with storage of their recyclables.

As the green gospel spreads, we have found that there is an increase in demand for public recycling stations.  As a result we are researching the feasibility of placing a third station in the Western Suburbs.  A public recycling station creates an employment opportunity, provides the community with a recycling facility and raises awareness with regards to our environmental responsibility. The Sundays River Valley has gone into a new phase of their recycling life with The Waste Trade Company being in control of the recycling plant at Hermitage.  According to Det Bakker, most of the Citrus pack houses in the Sundays River Valley are realising the importance of recycling all recyclable materials through The Waste Trade Company, as this creates more job opportunities in the community and adds to their carbon footprint scorecard. 

Other local stakeholders are also keen to implement the 3R culture.  TWTC will also be partnering with Sun Citrus to facilitate a cleanup for Mandela Day in July.    Furthermore, TWTC partnered with Mpact to host the recycling at the Absa Kirkwood Wildsfees for the second time this year.  The waste management ran smoothly and we found that the general public have increased the usage of the recycling stations.  Learners from the local St Colmcille High were employed as our "Green Ambassadors" for the weekend, and it was their responsibility educate the public about recycling.  Ronnie Recycler, from Mpact Recycling, also joined us and was welcomed by all for family photos that are available on our facebook page.   Not only do we work hard, but we play hard too!  In the spirit of teambuilding, TWTC has joined the local indoor cricket, registered as "Team 3R".  We started off a bit rusty but our staff quickly pulled up their socks when we started the new season in June. 

 June 01, 2015
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