Beat the Heat - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!!

BY Vicky du Toit

According to a recent publication from The World Bank, research warns us that the planet is charging toward a 4 degree increase by the end of the century.  This can result in loss of habitat for many animal and plant species, severe flooding as the sea levels rise and many other problems for mankind.  Recycling can directly contribute to keeping the earth's temperatures at bay.  The less waste we send to landfill, the less methane gas is released into our atmosphere. 

Products made from recycled material also use less energy and raw material in production.  Furthermore, recycling is one of the easiest and most cost efficient solutions! As TWTC's senior management and shareholders are all environmentalists at heart, we are constantly looking for ways to encourage and motivate everyone to recycle. 

This month, we celebrated "Black & White" recycling day with 3 schools from NMBM.  The learners all brought newspapers and magazines from home and wore black and white civvies to raise awareness.  Emmy and Vicky would then talk to the learners about the importance of recycling and explain to them what the day was about. 

Herewith below are the weights brought in for one day from the 3 participating schools: Charlo Primary - 1362 kg Innes Primary - 314 kg Winterberg Primary - 267 kg These figures prove that schools have the resources and potential to make a very big difference in the amount of waste currently being sent to landfill.  Thank you to these schools for setting such a good example!

The Spar Colchester Village Cleanup was the last event for the month.  Aproximately 400 bags of waste was collected from the village.  This came to a total weight of 980 kg!  Many children were accompanied by their parents, who felt it important to not only teach, but to lead by example, "It is nice to do some good for the community and to also support the Spar.  I want my child to enjoy her day and to learn to keep the community clean," Samirah Boesak, local parent from Colchester.  Spar's General Manager, Michael Vlok, was pleased with the pleasant weather and the parental support at the event, "we hope to see even more people attending next year." 

Lastly, we would like to congratulate our top 10 recycling schools for November 2015:
Kabega Primary

Albertyn Primary

BJ Mnyanda Primary

Hermitage House Primary

Colchester Primary

Charlo Primary

Khwezi Lomso High

Winterberg Primary

Sundays River Primary

Ncedo High

 December 01, 2015
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