Cassia Gardens Goes Green

BY Vicky du Toit

The folks at Cassia Gardens in Sunridge park have been recycling for just over 6 years.  How have times changed since they were children?  TWTC decided to find out what message they had for the youth of today.
Pat & Frieda Hancock started the recycling programme at the retirement village in 2007.  Ralph and Lorna Bailey took the reins from then in 2010 and are still the green champions for the village.  In January 2014 Cassia gardens appointed TWTC as their new service provider as they were made aware of the benefits that TWTC could offer them.  Collections at no charge, a rebate for recyclables as well as educational activities would be of much benefit to the elderly folk in the village.
Manageress Jenny van Niekerk encountered recycling in England, where she had previously worked.  “Recycling becomes second nature to you once you start it,” says Jenny, who is delighted to have access to a recycling station in Cassia Gardens, she adds; “my children have been encouraging me to recycle at home, and even though we don’t have fancy bins to separate our waste, we make sure we keep our recyclables in separate black bags.”
Ralph discussed what they used to have as waste when he was a child, “plastic was not as readily available as it is today, your milk was delivered by the milkman in glass jars, which were swopped out for new jars the following day.  Soda was also packaged in glass bottles.  There was no such thing as a supermarket, and if you went to buy your groceries, you would buy in bulk and take your shopping basket with.  Paper bags were used to package your purchased goods, not plastic bags.”
“We didn’t have the luxury of driving to the shop and buying sweets.  If you wanted sweets, you had to make them yourself, and if you did go to the shop you either walked, or got onto your bicycle.   Tamaletjies were very popular back in the day, and one would always get in trouble for making a mess in the kitchen,” Jenny shares, “we are much to spoilt for choice these days, life was much simpler back then.” 
On Thursday, the 17th of April, Vicky du Toit, schools project manager from TWTC addressed the residents of Cassia gardens about waste management.  The residents were very interactive and asked many questions.  When asked how they treated their waste when they were children they said that most of their waste was biodegradable and reusable.  They mostly composted and buried their waste. 

 April 22, 2014
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