An Attitude of Gratitude - Missionvale Care Centre

BY Vicky du Toit

Gratitude - a word recognised by most, applied by some, forgotten by many.  How quick we are to complain.  The smallest discomfort and our foghorns are sounded.  Whining and wailing seems to be the call of the day while we blindly continue with our daily grind.

Stopping to smell the roses has a new meaning for me.  I once thought it had to do with relaxing and forgetting about all the problems that life has to offer.  Another way to approach this popular saying is to stop and take a peek out of your box.  Notice what is happening around you.  Notice Life. 

I was walking around with my camera when I saw man with no legs, bearing his pearly whites as he received his food package from the ladies at the Missionvale Care Centre.  I later learnt that he travels 2km every day, in his wheelchair, in order to have a meal.  He was only but happy to have his picture taken... and even showed me how strong his arms were, a prime example of seeing the glass half full.

A rather pleasant visit I had at Missionvale Care Centre this morning.  They joined our Schools Recycling Project a few months ago, and have been actively recycling ever since.  The funds that they make from the recycling are ploughed right back into the remarkable activities and services available at the centre.  Not long after them joining, Dessie’s Fine Foods from Bloomingdales in Walmer, set up a recycling station at the centre and are donating the funds to Missionvale Care Centre. 

Missionvale Care Centre has a child support and development programme, a clothing warehouse, community gardens, a church and community hall, a crafters unit, adult skills development programmes, a clinic, a nutrition and wellness centre as well as a Primary School.  All of the aforementioned are well utilized by the surrounding community, who struggles at large with problems such as poverty, poor health and malnutrition.

Recycling not only preaches about keeping the community clean and saving our resources, but instils important values, morals and life skills.  We are looking forward to doing an assembly talk and training session for the children and staff at Missionvale Care Centre. 

 October 02, 2013
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The Schools Recycling Project
Vicky du Toit

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