Wetlands Waste Walk

BY Vicky du Toit

In celebration of Wetland’s day, the Zwartkops Conservancy Motherwell Enviroclub teamed up for a cleanup on the corner of Kauleza Street and Tyinira Street on the 1st of February.  No motivation is needed for this dynamic group of children to take a stand and make a difference.  These green-warriors attract the attention of the local community through their song and dance performances, and once the people draw near, gloves and bags are handed out for all to join the cleanup. 

Joined by Jenny Rump from Zwartkops Conservancy and Vicky du Toit from The Waste Trade Company, 34 bags of general waste was collected and  roughly 55kg of recyclables.  A few of the children were sent on a recycling hunt whilst others looked for general waste. 

The ZC  Motherwell Enviroclub are all young volunteers from various schools in Motherwell who educate their peers about how to take care of their environment.  The troop have performed in and around the metro in many schools, clubs and churches.  Lead by Patricia Ntabeni (a teacher trained by Jenny Rump).  Their message is addressed mainly to the Motherwell community and they encourage people to consider the consequences of polluting the local wetlands.  The monitoring of the storm water canals also forms part of their responsibilities.  When any pollution is spotted, this is reported to the Zwartkops Nature Conservancy, who can then take further action. 

Their next goal is to establish a food garden, and they are also looking into door-to-door calling to further assist in educating the community members.  The team are working on writing an environmental oath which they will all sign, and so will any new members who wish to join the club. 

 February 02, 2014
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Vicky du Toit

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