Year End For Packa-Ching At TWTC

BY Shanré Houston

As the year draws to a close, and our first year with Packa-Ching comes to an end, we are pleased to see the considerable progress that the Project Nelson Mandela Bay (PNMB) – Clean City Task Team has made with the Packa-Ching programme. The stakes were high and our plans for Packa-Ching were ambitious but the team together with help from the community, local residents and businesses put in the hard work required to achieve such an impressive result.
The PNMB – Clean City Task Team through the Packa-Ching programme is responsible for the diversion of over 214 tons of recyclables from landfill sites this year. Further, the Packa-Ching initiative has provided economic support to community members through the increasingly tough economic times by paying out more than R181 000 for recyclable materials. Our actions such as clean-up events, scheduled collections and providing local access points is what made this all possible while also contributing to our ultimate goal of making Nelson Mandela Bay a clean city. Our team made up of PNBM – Clean City Task Team and staff and family from The Waste Trade Company work endlessly to reach these goals.
We are proud to report that the team are working on new expansions to allow for more recyclables to be collected and at a quicker rate. Part of this process is providing more local sites; we plan to make the sorting and collections easier for the community members to help bring in greater volumes. We look forward to our new vehicle funded by Ezethu Trust which will roll out in 2022, this will help bring in more collections and more Ka-Ching back to the community thus aiding in economic sustainability. Advertising and increasing awareness of the Packa-Ching programme is also on the agenda.
PNMB continues to support The Herald Christmas Cheer Fund and continue to advertise across our social media platforms.
A special thank you to PNMB – Clean City Task Team members; Kay Hardy, Emmy Nxayeka, Melinda Labuscagne, Kate Flood and Laura Henderson without them none of this would have even been possible. A special thank you also goes to Emmy Nxayeka and her team for working hard and getting us to where we are today.
For more information on Packa-Ching, what we recycle and how you can get involved please contact us at 041 486 2110 or visit our website or

 December 17, 2021
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Shanré Houston

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